Coffee under the view of Athens Acropolis, made me pick up my phone to take photos. But before I take the photo, I remembered a story from the past…

It was the summer of 2012 and I was on the Island of Zakynthos. We had taken a boat trip to one of the most fantastic beaches on earth. There is a shipwreck three and the mountain has fallen from some earthquake creating the most beautiful of landscapes with white sand and blue waters.

Once we got there, the captain announced that we would stay there for two hours and then return on board to continue our boat trip. As expected, everyone was amazed by the view and started to take photos. I was one of them and I think I must have taken hundreds of photos.

Little before we leave, my friend said she wanted a last dive in the blue waters. So I was gathering our stuff.

At some point, while I was picking up the stuff I noticed my feet, sinking in the white sand. For some reason, this seemed amazingly beautiful to me. Then I raised my eyes and noticed the amazingly beautiful landscape.

Made me realize that I’ve been sitting in one of the most beautiful places on earth and hadn’t even noticed it.

I only took photos. Photos for other people to see. How great it was. For my future self to see where I had been. But I was losing the whole point, I was missing the “here and now”. I wasn’t really there, I was in my head and in my photos.

Kept looking for a while and couldn’t have enough of it. When my friend came out of the sea, she asked me why was I so quiet. I explained to her and we were both sitting there looking, sharing small beautiful details.

I put away my camera. These moments were so unique, they couldn’t be imprinted.

Enough of the digital photo life!

So, coming back to the coffee under Acropolis, I put my phone down, took a sip of my hot coffee and just enjoyed. Acropolis beauty will always be there. But moments of happiness are not so common. Chose wisely.

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