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Starting a project in which you have interested (or should I say the forbidden word “passion”) in it, is always a beautiful feeling

Let’s say you love traveling and you start a travel blog. Or in my case, I love minimalism and I started a minimalist blog.

Many friends have done the same in fitness, relationship advice, parenting, and many more in what are called “niches”.

Here’s how 99% of those projects go:

The project is started with whistles and bells. The person that started it tells everyone about the passion that they have turned into a project that has the potential to help a lot of people and make some money in the way.

The first few weeks go by with trying to figure out how it goes. Many changed happen in the way and a few months later the project somehow dies off…

This has the result of billions of websites with 3 articles and a passionate “about” section.

I speak from experience.

I started this blog in 2014. Of course back then it was called “” from the word tranquility and the latin extension in the end since I was obsessed with stoic phylosophy.

I was passionate and I started to write what I had in mind. Then I wrote a book. then I changed the name into Minimal Lifestyle since that name became available. Then I wrote another book that I called also “minimal lifestyle”, wrote a few more articels, updated my website and then… nothing…

My website hasn’t changed in years.

We’re now in 2022. I bearely write one or two articles per year…

What happend?

I will tell you exactly what happend so you are aware of it and you can recognize when it will eventually hit your project.

It is called the “Desert Mile” in any project

What is this desert mile?

I am not sure where I first encounter the terminology, to give credit. Most probably from Eben Pagan or Mj DeMarco but I didn’t give much importance then.

The “Desert Mile” happens when you are trying to build your project and… nobody cares…!!! You have no feedback, you make no money, you spend a lot of time and effort to make the best content, to offer your best knowledge and no one reads it.

You think: “it’s okay, eventually they will come” you know so many stories of successful bloggers. But then you think that the reason you know them is that nobody knows the unknown bloggers…

So what makes the difference between the succesfull bloggers and billions of dumbet projects is the desert mile that you have to walk. But how do you know when the desert mile is over? Is there a sign that makes you realize it is over?

Indeed it is.

Picture this:

When you start you have a lot of passion and energy. THat passion and energy drops with time. if there was a graph, there would be a dropping line. Also, there is another line. The interest you get from others, the feedback that people either like your content or not. So this is a growing line. But what happens when these two lines meet?

Good question: It is the moment when you get some reward. You either sell a book or book a client for consultation or something that says “thank you for your effort, here’s a reward”

And it doesn’t matter how much the reward is. If it is one dollar or one thousand… It is just a sign that starts fueling the “passion/motivation” line upwards.