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For a long time, I had this impression that there was an invisible camera looking at me, so I had to “prove” that I do everything fast, efficiently, and with no errors.

God, I thought, my boss, must be very proud of me.

But… he wasn’t. He really didn’t give a damn… Don’t get me wrong; he’s a nice guy (just in case he’s got that camera behind me). The only thing he cared, was to get the job done and had clients happy.

On the other hand, I thought that the only thing I needed to do was respond to requests.

That last sentence had literally “sentenced” me to be in the same position for 17+ years… Nothing ever changed!

  • Respond to request > Get it done
  • Respond to request > Get it done
  • Respond to request > Get it done… Over and over again.

You see, to respond to something, there must be a request. So I was in a “respond” mode or put it in better words: reaction mode.

At some point, I realized a key thing: To change, I had to get out of “reaction mode” and into “action mode“.

But action mode is not the same as reaction mode. I had to take the initiative without looking at anyone for approval. I had to be willing to get rejected, make mistakes, and even get punished. The Comfort zone was pushing hard…

I had to be a totally different person. And that small shift changed everything.

I put myself on people’s maps. They asked for my opinion; I was the one that was giving requests, and people were responding. And they were damn good in it.

I realized we’re all trained for years to be good at responding to requests, be in “reaction mode.”

But that’s not where change happens. To change, we have to get in “action mode.”

Now I still have the impression there’s a camera filming me, but now I am the “Film’s director,” and I am damn proud of myself.

You can make change happen; you can be the Director of your own Film.

If you find it hard to move the needle, come over to our Minimal Lifestyle group and sparkle a discussion. Where are you find trouble improving your life? What’s stopping you from becoming the best you can be? We’re all together in this thing we call life.