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Praises for the book “7 Steps to Minimalism”

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7 Simple Steps to Minimalism

I feel so much happier about my life after reading this book! The author has done a great job listing and explaining the seven simple steps to minimalism. After reading this book, I have realized that I do work too much and I am missing out on the fun things in life. I am ready to let go of a lot of things I have been doing and start living in the moment. This book has taught me so much about relationships and wealth, too. I highly recommend this book and I truly think it will be beneficial to everyone.


April 16, 2015, Verified Purchase

What a fantastic e-book. Simple and to the point

As a minimalist and simple living guy myself I found this a fantastic e-book. Simple and to the point. The funny thing is that as I was reading I found myself doing must of the steps described in the book, but really enjoy reading about someone elses doing the same thing. From the get go it focus your attention and what needs to be done to get more freedom in your life, no matter your situation. Quick read and very useful tips.

Elmer Diaz

May 19, 2016, Verified Purchase